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I purchased a good BMW 5 2004. I could not find a better price for this car in a different place. There should be a rational limit on maximum markups on other auctions. Thank you i am really satisfied and will be using your services from now on.
Feb 15th 2015
Hello, this was my first time selling a car on-line, sold my car in 4 days after posting, everything was good no hidden fees or any other unexpected surprises. What I loved most is that you can chose all the details, so it can be useful to everybody.
Mar 1st 2015
I purchased a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta from this facility and the experience was great! I knew what I wanted immediately, I picked up the car, it looked great and after an inspection I decided to buy it. I was contacted by the seller to continue my transaction. The car runs real good till now. Thank's a lot guys.
June 1st 2015

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