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Insurance Auto Auctions is an online public auction with 1000's of verified sellers and low cost cars for sale. Our success has become larger due to our Verified automobiles,cars and pickups sellers program and the high standard of cars online provided by them. Our costumers need to know that we will approve only the best sellers to give them the best products and a great buying experience. We check the standard of products that are being offered by our sellers, so that both sellers and buyers could make a convenient auto deal.
Post Sale and Pre Sale Inspections secure your purchase
Potential buyers can facilitate date and time to inspect the car before the purchase or after the purchase. The Pre-Sale inspection will give you the possibility to see and make a visual inspection of the auctioned vehicle at the seller's location. It will increase your confidence in making the right decision for the car purchase. In case the buyer doesn't get the chance for a Pre-Sale Inspection he can require the Post-Sale Inspection. The post sale inspector will check for defects that are singularly $500 or more to repair or replace at wholesale pricing.
1955 Ford classic car for sale
Mileage: 100 km
11 Days 13:12:18 Left
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1997 Pontiac FIREBIRD
Mileage: 47015 km
9 Days 15:34:45 Left
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1996 Lotus Esprit
Mileage: 80156 km
10 Days 11:50:24 Left
Bid now
Mileage: 138000 km
4 Days 07:01:55 Left
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Customers’ reviews

I purchased a good BMW 5 2004. I could not find a better price for this car in a different place. There should be a rational limit on maximum markups on other auctions. Thank you i am really satisfied and will be using your services from now on.
Feb 15th 2015
Hello, this was my first time selling a car on-line, sold my car in 4 days after posting, everything was good no hidden fees or any other unexpected surprises. What I loved most is that you can chose all the details, so it can be useful to everybody.
Mar 1st 2015
I purchased a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta from this facility and the experience was great! I knew what I wanted immediately, I picked up the car, it looked great and after an inspection I decided to buy it. I was contacted by the seller to continue my transaction. The car runs real good till now. Thank's a lot guys.
June 1st 2015

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